Whenever a website owner hears the term 'SEO' it is usually closely followed by panic and fear. Read on to understand why.

First, let's go over what exactly the term SEO means.

'SEO' is the acronym reference for 'search engine optimization' and in short is the practice of optimizing a website or web page with keywords and content to be efficiently and effectively searched by search engines to produce results in the SERP (search engine result page) that most closely relate to the intended answer that the user is searching for.

SEO consists of two parts

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, put simply, is the practice of optimizing the content that a user sees on your page. This part is the information that a site visitor sees. On-page SEO can be optimized by using keywords that are closely associated with your website and its content.

However, it's important to note that keyword density when attempting to improve your SEO should be carefully considered. Keywords should not be overly used in an attempt to trick or influence the search engine. Attempting to influence a search engine through overfly using keywords can result in your content being viewed as spam and penalized.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to everything that is not directly on your page that influences your websites SEO. This can include links to your site, links within your site, links from your site, meta data, title, and more.

If you value your online presence it is highly recommended that you keep up to date with SEO algorithms and changes that are put in place so that if any changes or modifications are made you can adjust as needed in order to not be penalized for new rules that come into play that may effect your websites ranking.


In reality, SEO is a good thing. However, for a lot of site owners (especially early on) it was a huge nightmare, and heavily effected their online presence. Why? Because early on most search engines were still learning how web designs, website owners, and so on were attempting to influence the results in the SERP. Most of the time the crafty attempts by websites included placing a specific keyword onto a the website as many times as possible. Because when search engines initially searched a website one of the most influencing attributes to rank highly was not necessarily the content but how many times a keyword appeared on the page, regardless of the content that they were in.

This resulted in websites keyword stuffing, and content that didn't sound organic at all. It's difficult to place one keyword into a paragraph that is five sentences long fifteen times without something (or a lot) sounding a bit off.

As search engines began to understand the purposes of what people were searching for and why they were searching for it they evolved and made modifications to the algorithms that the bots use to scan websites and parse the data regarding what they website what it was about.

So even though it made life difficult early on for site owners it really forced site owners to deliver relevant and useful content to people that were conducting searches.

It's really best to just keep it simple, and legit. Don't try to outsmart the search engines because eventually they'll catch you.

If you're eager to dive into bettering your SEO you might be interesting in diving a little deeper into SEO basics and the history of it so you can understand how things are evolving.

Free SEO Evaluation

We provide a free SEO evaluation by one of our SEO experts for those that want to see if their website is up to par when it comes to their SEO. We use the best software to go over your sites SEO to help you pinpoint exactly where your problems are

We will also provide you with information on how you can fix the issues to we tell you about.

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Why SEO Teck?

Why work with us?

Let's be honest, there are a lot of SEO, and ,in general,marketing companies out there. So why would you want to work with us instead of Jimmy's SEO company? Because we know what we are doing.

We don't take on every client, we only take on the amount of clients we know we can handle for the duration of their campaign. We do this so we make sure we maintain the premium SEO services they have come to expect, and we are known for delivering.

If your goal is to zero in and get the absolutely best SEO you can possibly get then we are for you.

No Missed Deadlines

We do not miss deadlines. When we say that something will be done by a day and time we are 100% committed to that. We miss a deadline and we will provide a month of service free of charge.

Complete Transparency

Getting a better SEO ranking is great and all, but it also helps to get some information on what was done and why. That's why we clearly tell you all the modifications that we made and the reason for them. You don't have to understand or learn any of it but we always want to provide you with the ability.

Because when you learn how and why we do things a certain way it can really help us hone your SEO to get you the highest rank possible

Guarenteed Results

The reason we don't keep our customers under contract is easy. It's because we actually plan on delivering results. When you're keeping your customers under a contract there is, almost literally, no incentive to actually produce results...you're going to be getting paid regardless of how your ranking.

Can we guarantee that you'll be on the first page of a search engine in the #1 spot? No, we cannot guarantee you that. In fact, nobody can so if a company says they can you should seek out another SEO agency. Even if it isn't us you use you should not use that company.

Results guaranteed or your money back.

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Premium Customer Service

We purposely limit the amount of customers we serve so that we maintain the premium service that we are known for.

A Small Operation for Big Results

We maintain a small operation so that we can give our clientele service on a level of detail the big boys just can't compete with.

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

If your goal is to rank on page one of Google our goal is for you to rank on page one in 1st position on Google. We live for the challenge, and thrive on over achievement.

Don't Worry, We'll Do All the Heavy Lifting.

When we are your teammates you don't have to focus on SEO ever again. We will track everything, send the reports to you to make sure that everything is going in the direction you want, and there is 100% transparency.

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